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The Lab 2023 2023150Z is a Course

The Lab 2023 2023150Z

May 10, 2023 - Dec 31, 2023


Full course description

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Date and time

Day 1: Wednesday 10 May 2023, 4.00 pm to 4.30 pm

Day 2: Wednesday 24 May 2023, 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Day 3: Tuesday 6 June 2023, 9.00 am to 10.30 am

Day 4: Tuesday 18 July 2023, 9.00 am to 11.00 am

Day 5: Wednesday 16 August 2023, 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Day 6: Wednesday 6 September 2023, 9.00 am to 10.00 am

Delivery mode

Online – a Zoom link will be provided 24 hours prior to the event


Team consisting of School Leader, Educators


Schools need to be able to reassess, adapt plans and experiment with ideas, as they navigate the uncertainties and complexities of the world. innovationXdesign brings together world-class processes, strategies and tools created and adapted to the context of Victorian Independent schools.

We have partnered with Dr Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Dr Marie Hubley Alcock, authors of Bold Moves for Schools: How We Create Remarkable Learning Environments, and incorporated innovationXdesign principles to help you develop the mindset and skills for change.

Over six sessions, school teams of four to six members will explore a challenge of their choosing, develop and test a prototype and further refine and evolve an initiative to make a positive change in their setting.

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Key takeaways                 

  • a prototype to address a challenge or opportunity in your context
  • guidance and insight from global experts
  • a design thinking process to provide the mindset and skillset for change
  • feedback from experts and peers to help you develop and refine your prototype
  • workbook to make your thinking and process visible.


Presenter information

Dr Heidi Hayes Jacobs

Dr Heidi Hayes Jacobs, creator of Curriculum21, is also the founder and president of Curriculum Designers, Inc. Heidi has served as an education consultant to thousands of schools nationally and internationally. She works with schools and districts K-12 on issues and practices pertaining to creating 21st century learning environment, upgrading curriculum mapping and strategic planning. Heidi is the author of 12 books, the most recent being Bold Moves for Schools: How We Create Remarkable Learning Environments.

Dr Marie Hubley Alcock

Dr Marie Hubley Alcock has co-authored books and presented internationally on a range of areas from brain research, to curriculum, to contemporary learning. She draws on her classroom experience, research, collaborations with colleagues and vision to engage and inspire educators. Marie is co-author of Bold Moves for Schools: How we can create remarkable learning environments, The Quest for Learning: How to Maximize Student Engagement among many other educational books, articles and papers. She is president of Learning Systems Associates and a national and international education consultant.

Will Hanley        

Will Hanley is currently an Innovation & Learning Leader at Independent Schools Victoria. Prior to his current role, he taught across a range of subject areas, holding various leadership positions, including Head of Department and Head of House. He has a passion for assisting young people to strive and thrive in multiple endeavours, challenging students to create and collaborate in order to comment on and positively contribute to the society in which they live. Will is an innovationXdesign and Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment facilitator and leads Wayfinder in Australia and New Zealand.

Deb Carmichael

Deb Carmichael has worked in Independent schools for over 25 years as a teacher, department head and in senior executive roles. During this time, she was involved in a number of projects including professional learning models, classroom observation, student leadership and curriculum development. Deb is now an Innovation and Learning Leader in the Innovation Design Lab for Learning at Independent Schools Victoria. This allows her to use her experience, ideas, interest in current research and passion for teaching and learning to engage and work with fellow educators.

Link(s) to relevant VRQA Standards 

  • Curriculum and Student Learning – Curriculum framework                                           
  • Curriculum and Student Learning – Student learning outcomes   

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