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Start at the end: applying backward design to classroom tech 2023111W is a Course

Start at the end: applying backward design to classroom tech 2023111W

Jun 1, 2023 - Dec 31, 2023

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Full course description

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Date and time

Thursday 1 June 2023, 9.00 am to 10.00 am

Delivery mode

Online – a Zoom link will be provided 24 hours prior to the event


Teacher, Area Leader


How do we avoid getting distracted by the "shiny objects" of tech and stay focused on learning? One way is with backward design. Using examples from different content areas, we'll look at how teachers can first clarify what students should know or be able to do by the end of a learning cycle, then choose the experiences and technology that will get them there.                                        

Key takeaways               

  • strategies for backward design
  • information about how to match technology with student learning
  • tools for matching the learning experience with suitable technology
  • tools and resources for implementing backward design in your class


Presenter information

Jennifer Gonzalez           

National Board Certified Teacher, author, and Editor-in-Chief at Cult of Pedagogy, Jennifer Gonzalez blends her broad pedagogical and technical knowledge, down-to-earth honesty, and sense of humour to deliver inspiring keynotes and practical lectures and workshops. In her everyday work, Jennifer digs into the topics most teachers don’t have enough time to study deeply on their own: teaching methodology, classroom management, learning theory, and educational technology. Then she extracts the most valuable information from it all and shares it with teachers so they can run with it, helping teachers of all subjects and grade levels practice and perfect the art of teaching. All presentations come with a digital download summarising the session’s key points and providing links to more resources online.


Link(s) to relevant VRQA Standards 

Curriculum and Student Learning – Student learning outcomes